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So , Even if only a few thousand people refuse to pay the License fee at the same time, this will attract the media publicity thus attracting more support. Refuse to pay Fines as a result and what can they do?????? I would personally stand up against this unfair 'Tax' . When will the British public ever stand up for anything?

I am fed up of paying to watch BBC shit on my tv i am and will not pay for it told them i only watch dvds they said they may send an officer round to confirm this BRING IT ON i wont be answering my door,had my first letter saying i need to buy a license even after telling them i dont need one,an someone will be visiting me WHATEVER!!! i might take my sky box out as my tv ariel does not work and ill let them in to discover this while recording their visit the whole time !!

I am seriously thinking of refusing to pay my TV licence because of the Jimmy Savile situation and the BBC's refusal to come clean, hold their hands up, apologise, and deal with this situation.

CRIMES were committed on BBC premises, seemingly with BBC knowledge, and those premises and programs are funded and maintained by us, the General Public.

In America, they have a law that if a car is stopped and the driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or is carrying a weapon, breaking parole - the passengers can be equally liable and have to PROVE that they were not aware they were being complicit with a crime.

We have handed over MILLIONS of pounds over the years to the BCC, and we may say we were ignorant of what's going on, but what about those who weren't at the BBC? Who seemed to think it was okay as long as Savile brought the viewers in? I feel dirty and tainted, as if my TV money has helped those filthy, dirty people commit crimes against innocent children. I feel as if I am complicit in this crime as we, the people, should have more say on what our money ACTUALLY goes on, and where to, but we don't even bother to ask and just hand it over unreservedly for the sake of entertainment and because we don't want to be seen as breaking the law. This country has so, so lost the plot.....

Hi. I want to clarify some of the information concerning whether you need a TV licence if you have a computer or other device connected to the internet.

The BBC iPlayer gives a good summary of the law. Essentially, if you use the computer or other device to watch or record TV as it is being broadcast, then you need a TV licence. If, however, you only watch 'catch up' services, like the catch up programmes on BBC iPlayer, Channel 4 On Demand, Demand Five, etc, then you do not need a TV licence.

Important: If you use the 'live' services on iPlayer ('Live restart'), 4OD ('Watch live') etc, then you will need a TV licence. If you only use the 'catch up' services, then you do not need a TV licence. iPlayer warns you if you start to watch a live broadcast.


Need some help guys, noob to this - basically my friend she has unfortunately given details to the guy at the door he knows she has tv and freeview though she sed its not used etc.. and as she used to pay license by the tv card they have name and shes even signed an 'understood' etc.. so anyways he came around she didnt let him in and i have the form says no he wasnt allowed in.. tho he has also said he checked all channels and they work - blatant lie. that was 16th july.. last letter 8th august saying u recently had an officer found evidence of blah.. u know the letter - legal action may follow.. So what do I do now ? cause I was thinking write back to them briefly saying your man LIED i cant even get a signal since the switchover [as I can do online aswel ticking the box] and that ive got rid of the freeview and im writing to TV licensing aswel applying for NO tv license -- just a bit confused what to do exactly im making it longer than needed..? i am going to print letters off - I figure once i can assure them i dont get a signal and need no license.. they will stop the agents hassling her? or is that their area now shes understood ? as its in motion already i dont know... so when they say OK no license needed goodbye - i would then get them to remove their right of access to the property.. ....... so am i writing to TV licensing and also the agents ? the address is customer service ltd - PO BOX 88 Darwen bb3 1yx -- sorry for my messy message il answer any question thanks for your time people..- peace

Hi Ya.. Its worth writing to them saying the TV License man did not gain access, and add his name if you know it. Be warned if you are using the a Laptp or PC to watch programs youas need to have a license for this as well. Good luck

can anyone explain to me why i have to pay a "licence fee" for a piece of electronic equipment that sits in my living room doing no harm to anyone? but you can get a dog (no disrespect to genuine honest dog owners) and let it loose to maim and kill!!! my tv does not attack or hurt any other living thing, apart from insulting my intelligence with mind numbing crap. (oh digital now,so even more channels of rubbish) i would say scrap this blatant tax levied on every household and have a licence fee for dogs. and in case you are wondering i actually like dogs but come on am i the only one who sees this!!!

Peace to all. I'm a layman on this subject. My mother received a summons to appear in court over not paying the tv license (£60 fine), so I did the research and told her not to pay as this was not unlawful. She has now recieved another summons with the fine increased to £250 and she is now panicking. I fear that I have put her in a difficult position as she only followed my advice. I in turn now ask TPUC or anyone else who can give me the right advice on what to do next because I don't want to compromise. Any help would be much appreciated. What can I do and what should do next? Thanks for reading and would appreciate all the I can get to prevail.

Spent this year laughing at the continuing drivel that the BBC send me through the post....
Not only do they not know who I am, when the clown from "Customer services" buzzed to get in through the door downstairs (Live in flats, intercom system) I replied that he needed to make an appointment, at first he replied that "No I don't", but clearly got frustrated at my insistence that YES you do!
He then said, "well it will be enforcement next time!"
'Really!' I said, 'and what are they going to force me to do? make sure you tell them to make an appointment as well'.
And that was about 8 or 9 months ago.

To date, all I ever receive is their tame empty threat letters, which are now on their third cycle, yes I have a TV, and yes I sometimes watch TV, but NO, I will not contract with the BBC, even if they do invite me to court, for which I won't be going either.

Do you need a TV licence for a computer ?


Why should owning a computer automatically mean you have to pay for a service which just happens to use that medium for transmitting their business products?

The same applies to any other equipment. Ownership does not imply use of their business.

If you find any broadcasted signal invade your home uninvitedly then you should have the right to do with it what you wish. Let me make it clear. I have cable 'piped' to my house. However, I choose NOT to allow my cable provider supply a signal. In a nutshell, my cable does NOT provide any TV signals whatsoever. If I connect a TV to my broadband connection it will NOT be able to receive a trasmission.

On the otherhand, I have no control over the invasion of radio signals. They are everywhere! They are even in my own home. Even though I did not ask for them to there! This leaves us with a moral dilemma: Do the BBC take measures preventing their radio signals entering my home or do I take ownership of those signals once they have entered my property?

Im afraid the answer is yes..

Yes if it is connected to the internet.

No you don't - unless you use it for receiving live broadcast tv.

Life Over Death Scotland (pro-life group) chairman has now refused to pay TV licence now that pro-abortion adverts are being transmitted. We will also advise others to using the ’Harris procedure.’ God Bless and may life prevail over death in Scotland.

I stopped paying my tv licence several months ago. I sent relevant letters to the bbc head office in london to mr lyons. I live in Northern Ireland,therefor would i have to send relevant letters to the Northern Ireland office,because i keep getting reminders+court threats?,please advise.

i have recently stopped paying for my TV licence, i never new about this site but what it was that made me not pay for another licence was that i noticed on the wee booklet that they send you with the reminder that your old licence had ran out was that why you must have a licence then i seen that on the same page that you dont need a licence if you are watching tv on catch up ....well thats all i needed to spurr me on not to get a licence. The cretins who are put in charge of the BBC through the old boys' network appear to think that the public owes them a living. Really what is needed is a national campaign in which both the ordinary man and woman in the street can protest and orchestrate the permanent removal of this vermin from British society.

What a joy it would be to see them go and while they are at it take the corrupt politicians and bankers with them.

Panic Away Review

I have been invited to attend court this friday for not paying my tv license. Any help or advice on this appreciated. thank you

You will get a fine the first time, then the fines will just keep getting higher and higher. My last fine was £600

what happened when they came to your door?

I do not pay for my TV license and never will again. If you go to this site which is the citizens advice bureau it states the following :- However, the television set must be incapable of receiving all live broadcast programmes. This could be done, for example, by making sure that a television set, DVD or video recorder are not: tuned into any channels------------- (((This is the one to take note of))) connected to an aerial connected to any cable or satellite services. Tuned in to the BBC is the key point here so make sure that this is not available to you in your household. Now the BBC will tell you that the TV license fee is not to do with the BBC but to do with having receiving equipment but that is totally wrong. Please see this link below to see where you TV license money actually goes :- So how can the BBC say that because you have receiving equipment that you have to pay when you now have seen that the full payment goes to make the programs. Another thing to mention is that I have received a letter from the Audience service and in the letter it says :- The TV license is is a universal funding mechanism for the BBC public services. So once again we learn that the TV license does go to the BBC to make there programmes and not just for having receiving equipment. Lastly one more bit of proof I would like to share to show you that your money goes to the BBC as follows :- The licence fee is the BBC's main source of funding, and in 2007/08 TV Licensing collected £3.4 billion in revenue. TV Licensing's role is to collect the licence fee and inform people about the need to buy a TV Licence. It is our aim to maximise revenue by collecting the fee in the most efficient way, to ensure as much money as possible go towards the BBC's programmes and services. Do take a look on our website ( for more facts & figures about the TV Licence. I hope that's helpful and answers your question. Best regards TV Licensing Online Support So please do tune your channels from the BBC and this way you are not breaking there so called law. Thank you for reading and good luck with the TV license people if you happen to come across one.

Sorry, forgot to add this tip to my previous comment. A tip to add confusion to the ‘who is the legal occupier’ situation. If you are already not paying, you will be getting a forest full of threatening letters. These letters probably already have your real name on them? Go to Argos, Currys, Comet Asda wherever, and buy the cheapest TV in the store something about £80 to £100. Buy it with cash. They will ask you your name and address, and fill in a form (paper or online). Give them your real address, but a fictitious name. Take the box and go home, but do not open the box. Some 24/48 hours later, take the TV unopened, back to the store. Tell them you’ve changed your mind, or your daughter decided she didn’t want it, etc. And ask for your money back. They will happily refund, given that you have not even tampered with the box. The point is this. At the point of purchase they are obliged to tell TV licensing the details of the sale. But they will not bother to ‘retract’ that information when you take that TV back for a refund. (And even if they did it would add to the confusion!) So now, TV Licensing, who have been threatening Mr Jones for months, now find that Mr Smith has purchased a TV for that same address. With a new entry to their database, they will now start a fresh cycle of threatening letters to Mr Smith (who is a new tenant maybe?) Truth is they don’t know for sure who lives there. Keep them confused, and every 10 months or so, repeat the above procedure. Think laterally! Joe

I've not paid the TV License for at least 10 years now. It's so long I've lost track. I agree with the majority of sentiment in this comments section. The TV License is wrong and should be scrapped and abolished. However I disagree about the sending of letters and other forms of communication. My view, and the one that has worked for me, is NO communication, NO engagement whatsoever. Tips. If you live on your own or just with a partner it's easier. But everyone in the household must be 'on board' with what you are doing. It only takes one naive teenager to let an 'official' in and its game over. Key understanding - THEY HAVE NO AUTHORITY!!! Their threatening letters are toothless! Do not reply to letters, nor phone them, nor email them. NO CONTACT! Make the next TV License you buy be the last one. When you buy it write a fictitious name on the application form. They don't care who pays as long as somebody pays!. The following year when you don't renew, all the threatening letters will have the bogus name on the address. Why does this matter? When the threats don't work, they cannot assume that last years (bogus name) still lives there. It may be a tenant that has now moved out. They will of course cross check with the electoral register, but again they cannot assume this is up to date. The original owner may be renting out his property. Bottom line is --- they don't know who the occupier is. For all they know they are threatening a previous tenant that moved out months ago. So, not only does the property not have a TV License, they now don't know the legal name of person that does not have a TV License - (Double Whammy!!!) Do you remember the 'Sponge Sellers? The people that would come to your door trying to sell you polish brushes, sponges and the like. If someone comes to your door unannounced, it often takes a few seconds to determine who it is. As soon as you realize it's a TV License person, you simply go into sponge seller dismissal mode and say (very politely) 'No thank you, not today thank you' and proceed to close the door. THERE IS NOTHING THEY CAN DO!!!!! They have NO right of entry!!! When they come to the door they should initially show you I.D. But not necessarily straight away. If they are not sure of the occupancy, they will 'fish' for info before revealing who they are. If they say something like ' Have you recently moved in Sir?' or can I speak to Mr ''''''''''''''', the head of the household', they are fishing. Simply say ' WHO ARE YOU?'. they will them have to ID themselves, after which you can then go into (sponge seller dismissal mode) as stated above. They will never give up. But over the years the threatening letters get thinner and the calls become less frequent. Think about this. The company that has the contract to collect the money on behalf of the BBC, get a fee per collection. Sending you a computerized threatening letter is cheap! pennies!!. But to send someone to your door costs them money to process. The more visits, the more it eats into their profit margin. I'm not saying that they will leave you alone, but as a profit driven company, they will (eventually) spend less time on an activity (persistent non payer) that has no profit. The BBC are an overpaid 'Civil Service with cameras'. I believe(although I have not seen evidence), that as well as exceptionally good salaries and pensions, they also enjoy private health care. Maybe someone could do a freedom of information act (FOI) inquiry to find that out for sure? Don't Pay it Don't let their empty threats wear you down. We will defeat this tax! Joe

Anyone familiar the laws or statutes surrounding the electoral roll?

I wrote to the TV Licensing bods too and got a similar response about BBC Worldwide Ltd. Not to be distracted I pointed out that it was a subsidiary and therefore the responsibility of its parent company --- Well! They didn't like that very much.

I later received another letter telling me that the fee was nothing to do with the BBC (nor I suppose by extrapolation to their Royal Charter) but that it was a payment for the right (RIGHT mind you!) to install and use a TV set. Hmmm, I thought, since when does one have to PAY for a RIGHT?? Of course, they could not answer this question. I then pointed out that it was, in fact, my RIGHT to have free use of my goods and chattels guaranteed by the Law of the Land, legislation has nothing to do with that --- and the definition of FREE means without let, hindrance or charge.... They like that even less and told me they would send the inspector round. Yummy! I love visitors and always have the kettle on. So I wrote to the nice man at Consignia and sent him a Denial of Implied Right of Access Notice and said that his agents were welcome to call if they completed and signed the Entry Contract I had also sent. This meant the agent would have to pay £1000 for entry to my home and £1,000 for every hour or part thereof that he or she remained on the premises. This would be a contract --- no signature --- not entry (I also have applied this to the Corporate Police). The nice man at Consignia wrote back and said they would respect my common law right to deny access and that no-one would call. He reserved HIS right to make other equiries. This was back in April and thus far I've not heard anything else.

Nikki: Dorakis (as commonly called, Freeman)

I like the part of the letter where they say the fee has nothing to do with the BBC. Well just take a look at this link and it will tell you exactly where your money goes and Oh look at that it is from the BBC, lol

Hello Freeman & Hi all ;-)

I'm so GLAD to have found this website (Since then I've been telling my friends about it) & I have now stopped paying for my TV Licence (and i'm now waiting for the letters to arrive from the BBC)

The RESON I've STOPPED PAYING for it & got me TICKED OFF at the same time ....... is that I need a TV Licence in order to play my console (which is a Playstation 3) and to anyone who owns one, it's FREE (YES that's RIGHT FREE) to play online (NO PAYMENT REQUIRED) so why should i then have to pay the BBC the PRIVILEGE then to enjoy playing my games on a TV? That is why now I've STOPPED PAYING for MY Licence ....... Screw them i'm not going pay for it anymore .......... so please watch this Space and I'll keep you up dated on what's going down.

I've just read your comment on how you have handled the BBC (It's BRILLIANT) please could you send me the form you did for the Denial of Implied Right of Access as i would like to add on to that my Right to have a Fair Hearing at the Court of Human Right in Europe.

Many Thanks

After not paying TV fines and sending relevant notices out to them explaining why which they sent us the standard letters saying you have to pay we had a visit from the TV inspector lol unfortunately we we're not in at the time but i'm sure they will be back! Time for another notice:P

I sent both my letters as the tpuc site instructs and didn't get a reply, but now weeks later they have sent this reply (below)... can any one help me with a reply back to them?

Dear audience member,

Thank you for your letter addressed to Sir Michael Lyons, Chairman of the BBC Trust.

Your correspondence has been passed to this department by the BBC Trust as it relates to matters which, in the first instance, are the responsibility of the BBC’s management. Under the BBC’s Royal Charter, the Trust has the distinct role of setting high-level strategic and editorial frameworks, but responsibility for day to day decisions within them rests with the BBC management, so your correspondence has therefore been forwarded to us here in BBC Information to respond to on their behalf.

The loan to which you refer from the European Investment Bank (EIB) actually involves BBC Worldwide Ltd, which is one the BBC’s commercial subsidiaries that operates at arms length from the publicly-funded BBC. BBC Worldwide is self-financing and has absolutely no access to licence fee funds and no loan taken out by the commercial subsidiaries is used to subsidise any BBC public service operation.

Contrary to what is sometimes reported, the EIB loan does not include instructions about how BBC Worldwide can apply the funds or how they should be invested. The loan does not carry any editorial obligation and it has no impact whatsoever on the BBC’s public service output. The only conditions attached to the loan are normal commercial and financial covenants.

BBC Worldwide used the EIB loan rather than its own commercial borrowing facility because the lower cost meant they could generate slightly higher commercial returns which would benefit licence fee payers. This EIB facility was used so that BBC Worldwide could purchase the rights to audio-visual output already commissioned by the BBC which could then be sold to global commercial markets.

Whilst writing, in reference to your comment about payment of the TV License, we must remind you that the regulations explain that if you watch or record television programmes as they’re being shown on TV you must, by law, be covered by a TV License, no matter what device you’re using. There are no exceptions in these regulations covering allegations of “treason”.

Any views on the general premise of compulsory TV License as a universal funding mechanism for the BBC’s public services or the regulations involved therein should be addressed not to the BBC itself or to TV Licensing, but to the Secretary of State for Culture, Media & Sport, as the DCMS governs this area of law.

Kind regards

BBC Audience Service

(Not signed by any human or person at all?)

Is there any evidence from admin/users or the like to dispute this issue of treason againt the BBC for Licence fees?...

We've been sent 3 contracts up to now from this corperation: first was a brown envelope "YOU MUST RESPOND" 2 months ago.
Second was a white envelope, a little more important as it quoted something like "URGENT RENEW YOUR TV LICENCE NOW" that was last month.
Today we received another smaller brown contract with very little warnings or threats... Maybe this is their quiet before the storm?
I'm just setting out how they're performing in our instance, and the correspondence seems to be around 1 month apart so be prepared for their next offer because it could be an invitation to court.
What's the next move on the board admin?
many thanks. c('o,')o

I belive that when you buy a tv u should do as you please with it. I find it appauling that the fact they seem to think the celebs like jonathan ross needs 6million a year to servive, really does he really do enough for that pay ( our money ). ther are people out there who save lives everyday and would take them 10 life times to earn that amount. I find it appauling the fact that the tv licensing doesnt offer a discount for the deaf, my partner is prefoundly deaf and he doesnt get the full advantage of tv. DISCOUNTS FOR DEAF AND PRICES LOWER JONATHAN ROSS SHOULD SURVIVE ON 1 MILLION.

check these links.

letter i got from the BBC after sending the 1st one off. how do you respond to that, with the "I am not satisfied with the answer templated letter? oh and by the way it is the LAW, as whomever typed it clearly stated.....lmao.

I've had all the standard 'scare' letters, and no visits yet despite many threats of them. I am forced to think that as we are supposedly innocent UNTIL proven guilty, why have I been told I will be visited under caution. Surely that would make me guilty Until proven innocent!
I will not pay for a tv that will only be turned off all the time!

Hey, I would like to appreciate your had work. Please pay your lisence fees. otherwise, someone will stress you. One of my friend could not pay license fees and now become patient of anxiety disorder due to stress. Doctors are treating him by giving xanax tablets to overcome this disorders. So please understand importance of it. My regards to TPUC and all members and watchers!

I don't see why we should have to pay a TV licence. The BBC should just rely on advert breaks like just about every other channel in existence. Many of us don't have the money and it's unfair. I refuse to pay.

hi, could somebody please explain to me, how if whoever wrote "i'm afraid that i used ..." pays for SKY, they must know that somebody is watching a TV, so how does that work?, thanks

fooled for so long

i have recently stopped paying for my TV licence, i never new about this site but what it was that made me not pay for another licence was that i noticed on the wee booklet that they send you with the reminder that your old licence had ran out was that why you must have a licence then i seen that on the same page that you dont need a licence if you are watching tv on catch up ....well thats all i needed to spurr me on not to get a licence do they no that im not watching my favourite programms on catch up.....the answer is they dont whats the use of paying for pish get it right up yae BBC

Having seen the site and a friend did not want to send the agent that calls off with a flea in his/her ear as I have done for many years. When Ive done this, I usually receive back a 2 year protection. (prfotection! Thank you very much, did not realise i needed protecting from anything)

I printed off the letters for my friend to send off and he duly completed the first letter and sent it recorded delivery. The BBC quickly replied, denying all the points in the letter. They seemed to go to great length to distinguish between BBC World, BBC services and BBC licence payers. They claimed that any monies used or received from the EU were not connected to the BBC area that is funded by the licence payers. They went on to say (bearing in mind now, they had my friends full name and address) to threaten the usual 1000 quid penalty and or prison.

My friend is an elderly man, this caused him much distress and he's concerned that as he is a VIRGIN media customer, they will already have his details. Whether this is a fact, I'm unsure. Prior to his letter, their correspondence was addressed to the legal occupier. It appeared to him a massive legal argument to claim that he did not want to be party to their treasonous affairs. Can any person please advise whether by giving his name and address he has compromised his position and whether being a VIRGIN company also compromises him. (other than the obvious moral compromise to himself).

What Im going to do to put his mind at ease when and if they call again, is to either aggresively send them away, stating how much I hate TV or play a League of Gentleman character to ensure they do not call again. He's on edge every time the door goes now and unlike myself will not relish such a confrontation. Is this distinguishing letter received a letter any others have recdeived pleased and whether just clearing the agent away from the door is the easiest methid, despite his subscription to Virgin Media.

Peace and respect Russell

I thought the issue here was simple... no contract, nothing to pay, so why are there people out there talking about proving they don't own a TV / Receiver, isn't that irrelavent!?

I was convicted today for using a tv without a license. the tv had no signal...the officer was shown that there was no signal and stated to me as per law.. no license is required and you wont have to pay anything... just sign here and phone the office and tell them what you have told me and that will be the end of it...

court summons came and went to court.. the officer states that he turned the tv on and bbc came on.. Lies as per paper work...

Partly my fault for not looking at the paperwork after he went.. but is that a licence for them to lie as most people don't bother chasing things up or going to court so they play the numbers game..

Moral is don't let them in or even speak to an officer never mind sign anything... because they will ENFORCE license if you legally need one or not! After all they are titled Enforcement officers.

bottom line the judge would have not convicted the officer even if i had proved his lies outright because it would open a flood gate. If one is found to be a using false information by deception if would be big news so i believe they just slam the pubic for the cash. Massive illusion and dam wrong... I told the judge this wont be the end of this matter and i will get a higher level of representation to reveal the real truth.. he could not look me in the eye . what a farce

I read all the info about non payment of the tv license last year and told my son who took the advice and stopped paying. I told him the info said to invite the enforcement officer into the house and offer him a cup of tea if he came round and he did. My son is an alcoholic and had had a drink and told the 'officer' that I'd told him he didn't have to pay anymore, but he hadn't understood properly so couldn't adequately explain to the 'officer'. I had sent the tpuc an email asking for some support but recieved none.

My son has just recieved a summons and was fined £250 and he is on disability allowance. I had sent the tpuc an email asking for some support but recieved none.

I feel really guilty this has happened to him. So you lot may have got away with it.....but not everyone does.


It is quite concerning that TPUC did not offer you any support. It is brave and revolutionary of them to start this revolution but they also have a duty to help those who they convince to follow their advice. I am quite disappointed to hear this.

in the TPUC letter to michael Lyons d/b/a Chairman of BBC, it states that it has been brought to attention that the corporation has and still is recieving substantial amounts of funding from European union. can someone tell me where that info comes from, and how can i check its official.

Let me start off by saying "BBC SUCKS!" What makes me laugh is that it is legal to murder millions of innocent people, But it's illeagal not to have a T.V licence. Does everyone see the irony in this, I certainly do. They must think everyone likes to pay to illegal wars corrupt politictians, I don't think so. It's a comfort to know that the information that we have at hand now through TPUC has paid off, because my brother had a visit from a T.V licence parasite. He asked all the usual corrupt questions, and when my brother replied o.k I hear what you say, but! if I sign that form i'm basically incriminating myself, to a response from TVL Scum bag lying through the back of his teeth. " No, No your not" So to this my bro said "I tell you what wait a moment, while I call the police to report a crime". TVL man looks at him like he had to heads, then asked why. Then my bro said you are implicating yourself to a crime and told him to check out the treason an felony act. Explained to this little minion soon tucked tail and ran. Either he knew what he was doing or was in shock i don't know. but if he has a conscience he'll get out of criminalising innocent people.

I haven't paid for 3 years. Don't be afraid of their stupid letters - ignore them. Detector vans don't exist. Search warrants are never used. Get a "visit" from a TVL drongo ? Ignore them, they can't do anything. TVL = Capita. Once you realise that their power is all in your head, then ..... they have no power ! Magic , isn't it ! Remember, THEY HAVE NO POWER. They can only prosecute if you own up, and sign an admission, or if you let them in the house, and they see your telly on. Don't sign anything. Don't say anything. Don't let them in.


I am very happy to say that I will not pay for a TV Licence, ever. I used to live in a shared house and my housemates were outraged that I refused to make a contribution for the TV licence. Apparently I am stupid and will end up with a criminal record. I now live alone and have done for the past 2 years, I regularly get letters addressed to the Legal Occupier advising me that I need to pay for a licence - all of which I return informing them there is nobody living at my address by the name 'Legal Occupier' (juvenile I know but it always makes me laugh). How can they prosecute me when they don't even know who I am?

As yet I have never had a visit. Good luck to them catching me in though, I'm very rarely home as I'm always at work trying to earn enough money just to get by. If they do catch my in I'll tell them I don't live here, I'm just feeding the (imaginary) cat.

This site is an inspiration and has validated what I already believed. I am going to post the link to this site and email it to all of my contacts - including my old housemates!!

I emigrated to the USA from England a few years ago. When I try to explain to the Yanks what a TV license is for, they laugh and think I'm taking the mickey. They laugh even louder when I tell them an annual license costs about $250. Now bear in mind that the BBC is shown over here in the USA and we don't pay TV license fees here, this must mean that the UK license payers are subsidising the BBC to broadcast their lies and propaganda around the world. It is like the Freemasons. At the lowest levels, people see the Masons as a bona fide charitable outfit. In reality it is a smokescreen to hide the devious ideology of the higher degrees. Charity work is the ideal cover for the nefarious work because charities pay little or no tax. This is also why groups such as Common Purpose seek charitable status. It allows the crooks to operate what is ostensibly a normal business but without paying anything in tax. The BBC are Masonic-like. They make a handful of well made documentaries and shows that mask the true reason for their existence. The BBC's main agenda is one of news propaganda. It always has been. Their "front" is to make a few progammes like "Only Fools and Horses" or "Walking With Dinosaurs". This presents them as a family-oriented outfit but it is done to hide their true purpose.

I don't even see why I have to inform the BBC of why I do not want a T.V licence. Let alone of any T.V recording equipment. I cannot stand to be ordered about by anybody who creates rules that I have not been involved in the process of. I DO NOT commit "crimes". So therefore I understand that I ought to do as I please. I don't abuse people, their property or kill them. But unfortunately there are a set of people who legally kill. i.e: Senior "Citizens" not having enough money to eat or heat themselves. We live in their society? Don't think so. This Corporation are the committers of crime.

And quite frankly I find them BORING. I cannot be bothered to conform to their ways of doing things because it brings me NO entertainment. Stupidity such as a burger king in a hospital. Yuck. This government contains a high number of EXTREMELY ODD individuals. Okay so they've lost it the power's hit their primitive brains. Anyway I'm a gung ho child. I can not take the way this country/world is run. They prefer war, I prefer cool fun stuff. We don't mix.